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RodeoBar Style

Flint Leather Suede Handbag

Flint Leather Suede Handbag

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 Elevate your style with our Premium Leather Suede Tote Bag. Crafted from genuine leather suede, this bag exudes sophistication and timeless elegance. The rich texture of the suede adds a luxurious touch to any outfit, making it the perfect accessory for both casual outings and formal occasions.

Inside, you'll find a well-organized interior that caters to your storage needs. There's a dedicated sleeve pocket for important documents or tablets, along with two mobile pockets to keep your devices within easy reach. No more fumbling around for your phone or keys - everything has its place.

The magnetic button closure provides a convenient and secure way to keep your belongings safe while allowing easy access when you need them. Whether you're heading to a business meeting or a weekend getaway, this tote bag is designed to be your reliable companion.


  • Material: Genuine Leather Suede
  • Fittings: High Quality
  • Interior Pockets: 1 Sleeve Pocket, 2 Mobile Pockets
  • Closure: Magnetic Button
  • Dimensions:5 X 16 X 3.5 INCH

 Elevate your everyday style with this versatile and beautifully crafted Leather Suede Tote Bag. Invest in quality, functionality, and elegance that will last for years to come.

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RodeoBar Style


Jacquard fabric boasts intricate patterns and textures, woven using a special loom technique. Luxurious and versatile, it elevates fashion and upholstery with its refined touch.

Jacquard fabric's rich patterns and textures have made it a popular choice for bags. Its luxurious look and durability make it a stylish and practical option for modern fashion trends.


RodeoBar Style


Raffia fabric is a natural, sustainable material made from the fibers of the raffia palm tree. It's known for its strength, flexibility, and rustic charm, often used in crafting, weaving, and fashion for its unique texture and earthy appeal.

Raffia bags captivate hearts with their rustic charm and eco-friendly allure. Their natural beauty connects us to the earth, evoking a sense of authenticity and mindful living, making them a cherished trend in today's conscious fashion landscape.

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RodeoBar Style


Kilim fabric weaves tales of ancient craftsmanship, its intricate patterns a testament to cultural heritage. Each thread carries the essence of a bygone era, adding warmth and character to modern spaces and fashion.

Kilim bags are a hot trend due to their artisanal, timeless appeal. With unique patterns and eco-friendly materials, they blend style with cultural heritage, resonating with fashion-forward individuals seeking distinctive, sustainable accessories.

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